Teaching Philosophy

For us, dancing is primarily about having fun! Our goal is to the make partner dancing accessible and exciting to everyone. The dances that we teach, like the Lindy Hop and Argentine Tango, were born in the streets out of improvisation and experimentation. We strive to take these dances back to their “street” origins, simplify them, and have fun with what we discover.

We believe that partner dancing can be done anywhere, to any music and without limits. We feel that the heart of partner dancing lies in the connection with your partner and the music, and the capability to create something together. Our teaching concentrates on strong partner connection, musicality, and the ability to improvise.

We rarely focus on "style", "moves" or "patterns", instead we strive to guide our students to become better social dancers. We achieve that by constantly challenging them with new options, situations, music, and connection exercises. We also encourage them to find their own voice and expression in the dance.